Ego-state is a mood, emotion or expression, and behavior of humans. Are you feeling good in thinking, feeling, and behavior?

Are you searching to Retreat Diabetes? Don’t you feel that you are responsible for this? Did you eat foods without judging consequences? That’s you! if not why have you been in misery?

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Human emotion is a complex expression that associates with sensation, consciousness, pleasure, or any other consequence influence human behavior.

Mental-Stress affects more than 15 million Americans every year and it’s a leading cause of disability in the USA. The age range between 15 to 45 where affected peoples most on 32 aged. It occurred mostly in women than in men.

Do you know why obesity? It happens because of imbalance food intake. Maintaining a healthy life; take care of food-intakes, so you will have no obesity concern.

Virtually, self-esteem sometime refers to self-worth or self-respect. Indeed that it has been an important part to make success.

In every February 14 across the world including the US used to celebrate this special day.

Human’s love is a strong positive emotion, affection or pressure of someone. It may be an object of affection or devotion or liking.