Why Obesity? 4 Best Food Combination.

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Why Obesity? 4 Best Food Combination.


Why Obese? 4 Best Food Combination.
Why Obese? 4 Best Food Combination.
Do you know why obesity? It happens because of the imbalance of food intake. Maintaining a healthy life; take care of food-intakes. The human body is skilled enough to absorb foods. No sooner taking any food, the health starts taking nutrient particles and breaking them to use by the body. The chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain a healthy life.
Eat High Fiber Diet.
Eat High Fiber Diet.

1. Why Eat High Fiber Diet? Will It Support Your Health?

A life-sustaining chemical reaction in the organism is called metabolism. The metabolism reaction to categorize and breaking down the components into protein, carbohydrate or lipids, a nucleic acid. After that catabolism releases energy and thus anabolism starts burning energy. A balance of food like a high fiber diet may lead your health to obtain a sustainable living.

2. What Does Fat Do? How does it help reduce obesity?

What Does Fat Do? How does it help reduce obesity?
Our Body Requires Small Amount of FAT
The fat can fulfill half of the energy of our body requirements. While fat starts breaking then it becomes fatty acid. This fatty acid can travel in the blood and finally catch hungry cells. It is very essential for our daily diet and nutrition. Moreover, our health requires a small amount of good fat. This good fat ultimately generates energy. Indeed that individual body requires a certain amount of nutrients. It also maintains core body temperature. If everyone is careful then the body fat will dramatically reduce.

3. What does protein do? Is it good to reduce obesity?

What does protein do? Is it good to reduce obesity?
What does protein do? Is it good for health?
Most of the foods contain protein. After food intake, the protein starts breaking into pieces and then generates amino acid. Here amino acid is building new protein for a specific function in health. As an example, it catalyzing chemical reactions, enhancing communications between different cells, distributes biological molecules elsewhere.

Why Obesity links with Protein Intake?

In the case of fat shortage or carbohydrate, this protein used to give back up supports. A high protein diet for a prolonged period may increase the risk to your health and may create a problem like kidney damage. Those who have kidney disease this habit will affect them seriously.

4. What is the Role of carbohydrates?

The role of carbohydrates is to provide fuel as glucose to human health. It ensures the energy store to meet the crisis. It helps preserve and safe muscles. As carbohydrate turns into glucose so, whole energy comes from carbohydrate. Moreover, the types of carbohydrates generally we eat are vital to our bodies. However, too much carbs intake causes disease like a diabetic. The sugar from glucose becomes necessary for a body but excessive use will harm your body badly.

So, what to do for Better Health?

So, would you plan to eat more food? Oh no! Please chose the foods before eating. If the foods supplement or complement your body’s requirement, then you can eat…if not do not go for it. The fat normally creates obese and body weight.   The protein has been very vital to a safekeeping body. The sugar from glucose becomes necessary for a body but excessive use will harm your body. So, what? You can read more to drop the fat now.


As obese treatment is sometimes difficult, therefore, we can try to avoid excess sugar intake as a preventive measure.  Cutting carbs is particularly effective at getting rid of the fat. On the other hand, soluble dietary fiber reduces belly fat. Please be careful not to stop eating rather eat a diet with proper balance for better living and health.
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