Why Is Cheating? 6 Ways To Prevent Your Spouse

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Why Is Cheating? 6 Ways To Prevent Your Spouse
Cheating and infidelity can happen any marriage and it’s not just cutting vixens or had some heart drops that are getting in on the action normal people do it too. 91% of Americans think cheating on a partner as morally wrong like worse than human cloning is bigamy level indeed.
About 30 percent of married Americans have admitted to cheating on their Partners. Why does the beloved one cheat? Well, this most burning question is finally about to be answered.

Being cheated on is extremely hurtful when it happens. The kinds of questions start popping up in your head. And the main one is why what makes us forget about the person we love?

Thus, it gives us temptation. An American Anthropologist Ted Talk mentioned why do we love the nature and chemistry of romantic love. On the other hand, Helen Fisher explained the processes behind both love and cheating. I’m going to explain the cheating part, not about love.

Why Your Pause is Angry?

The angriness usually comes from shame. The shame makes everything about me, not my victim or in this case by cheating spouse when my shame is triggered.
On the other hand, they’re angry because when they must talk about the details of the affair, they start to get angry and frustrated because they’re feeling uncomfortable.
So, when we’re struggling with shame when we’ve allowed shame to operate in our lives, it really brings about a scarring. Therefore, our marriage has become scared of our self-identity. Moreover, our self-esteem sees shame creates an incredible amount of self-pity.
The unfaithful spouse has mine we feel self-pity because that masks us aloof from talking about feelings of inadequacy or self-hatred or anger. They’re angry for what they’ve done their angry for what they’ve allowed themselves to do.

How To make Pause Cool?

Anger is the easiest thing to do because anger typically is secondary emotion anger really is masking the self-hatred the self-pity the shame that was feeling. Creating space to not to cheat you and allow him/her to think about it.
Let’s face it who wants to talk about things that make you feel uncomfortable or ashamed or embarrassed. Answer him/her in a way that you two don’t want to talk about that rather feel sorry about yourself for what you’ve done or what are consequences have cost us.
Focus on true empathy express your choices to you the Betrayed spouse.
You see self-empathy will protect you. It also kind of tap into the self-disgust which is an excuse because if I’m such a bad person then why wouldn’t I cheat?
Oh, I’m so bad. I’m so terrible. I’m such a bad person but the disfunction of that is-yeah? Admit your inability and make circumstances cool. Make you pause happy, offer him/her a surprise.

Why a Loving Pause Cheats?

Unfortunately, there is no one reason why a partner cheats, but there are many factors to consider. Without assessing love, we may not be able to measure the degree of cheating, so, according to Fisher romantic love is not an emotion. It’s a drive and this drive is way more powerful than the sexual kind. Just think about it.
If somebody refuses to sleep with you, you won’t feel nearly as devastated as you would.
But if the love of your life rejected and usually when it’s lost or one-sided. This has even driven plenty of unhappiness. When someone becomes the center of your entire universe that is love.
But when you feel the desire to constantly be around them to focus only on their positive traits. On the contrary, the reverse attitude, feeling, mental focus or attachment is treated as cheating. There is no other way rather developing intimacy.
Since long there has been hunting and gathering society men and women are once again starting to be considered equal. It is sexually assertive in the job market in cultures around the world. Although we see that the rise of the devil income family and women expressing themselves, sexually and in fact, among people under the age of 40 today women cheat just as much as men do.

How to prevent cheating of a beloved one?

How to prevent cheating of a beloved one?

1. Why Don’t You Communicate Openly?

Being a couple by marriage you must keep honest communication between you. The ways to communicate with each other may be good morning and good evening. The way you should communicate with each other should be transparent indeed.
Often you can check your pause’s feeling, feedback, and planning so that the relation tuning will have no obstacle in the future. Check often each one’s desire and give utmost support sincerely that the other one knows.
Thus, making you a valuable couple in the world.

2. Why Do You Appreciate Partner?

We don’t want to talk about that. We’d rather feel sorry about ourselves and what we’ve done or what are consequences have cost us. Focus on true empathy for what our choices have done to you the Betrayed spouse. You see self-empathy protects us

It also kind of TAPS into the self-disgust which is an excuse because if I’m such a bad person then why wouldn’t I cheat? Oh, I’m so bad. I’m so terrible. I’m such a bad person but the disfunction of that is yeah. Gently express, ‘you are right where I’m wrong-sorry ‘! So, giving appreciation to your partner every day, even if it is a little thing.

3. How Do You Never Assume?

Talk to your partner about what constitutes cheatings. Assume meaning that ass-U-me. So, try to be clearer about the thing between you and your pause. Explain fairly with partners in case of affairs what is being appreciable what is not. And make a consensus and emotional agreement between both.
Well, the other partner may see this kind of behavior is inappropriate and unacceptable.
Agreeing on how you both will handle one another’s advances and how quickly you tell one another about other romantic or emotional experiences can also help prevent cheating.

4. Why You Be intimate?

Keeping your partner happy intimacy is a vital element. Start talking with love, touch body and encourage, express your happiness and other feelings, kissing often, do sex and grow your conjugal life with joy. May have two cups of tea together.
It’s important to let the partner know that he/she should be open and honest to explain thoughts feelings and desires and thus assures all judgments in place.
Encourage partner in a way he/she would not be too open to widespread sharing secrets rather share desires with you that makes you a valuable part of his/her life, and it’s a great defense against infidelity.

5. How You Be Romantic?

Holding romance in marriage life for a long time is challenging. Anyhow, you must be taking the time to express your love and appreciation and at the same time having some fun together.
It only takes a small gesture to be romantic and to show your spouse that you still care. So, try surprising the spouse with dinner when he/she gets home from a long day of work.
One of the best ways to prevent cheating is by being a part of the things that your partner enjoys doing in their free time. And this is because bonding over shared interests will give you both enjoyable to do.

6. Why Grow Together?

You must be a good spouse. Being a good spouse is a great way to prevent cheating or infidelity. For sustainable marriage life, you need to give full attention to partner’s needs those that may be physically and emotionally. You don’t need to be interested in looking elsewhere look at how well you meet your partner’s demands.
You to try to step up in the areas that are weak communicate honestly about what you need to feel fulfilled and happy. If you always be with your spouse is the number one go-to person for providing emotional intellectual and physical needs. Thus, the outlets will not develop which consequences will be cheating.


Ask yourself why your spouse should keep you around or fire you what do you do for them that someone else cannot you know, is there anything you should be doing that you’re not ours? Are there things in your relationship? If that your spouse eats that you are giving to them re-evaluating your role in the marriage and asking yourself what areas, you can improve it is a great way to prevent cheating and infidelity. So, it’s just before I wrap up.