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Love? Here 3 Basics And Background

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Love is a strong positive emotion

Human love is a strong positive emotion, affection or pressure of someone. It may be an object of affection or devotion or liking. Sometimes, love is a feeling of sexual desire and attraction.
Inter-cross between two which happens occasionally that it is love. Family love shows affection as well. Sometimes exceptional relation between friends is love. On the other, loving creature is spiritual love.

1. How can we define true love?

How can we define true love?
Don’t you know what is love? It remains a complete mystery. Science did not even prove or explain it properly. It can’t calculate through math.
The poet explains it using adequate words.  Ploto said about love ”every heart sings a song that incomplete”. We may be far from it but never stop to expect an opportunity. Thus, let’s look forward to obtaining so-called true love.

2. How about first love?

How can we define true love?
First, love always an exciting matter. While you fall in love, it is difficult to believe that how will you live without your beloved one. Moreover, love is a bunch of trusts; so associates with trust were always a paradox.
It’s a feeling like a haven that you can’t express. Many people believe that the early stage of affection makes things confusing. There you may feel puzzled over your normal life. As an impact, your eyes, your words will tell a neighbor that something is happening inside your mind.

3. How does love impact your life?

Love is broadly being used and emotionally creates an attraction between two or more peoples.
A hormone namely Oxytocin affects your thinking, movement in your real life. As an impact, you will feel an attachment or bonding to each other. Besides, hormone sometimes makes you feel good or in case of stress, it lowers your blood pressure as well.  
On the contrary, the hormone also improves your mentality, mood, and expression in daily life. Love has got many paths in life. It is the longest path to reach the heart. If you want to deserve it you will take a lifetime to get it back.

3 Types Of Love those Have Spelled Out By Experts:

1. Eros or Love of the body.

Eros or Love of the body.
I’m going to explain a myth,” God Eros was throwing a golden arrow into the heart of morals or immortals without warning”. Why was that? Greek peoples believe that while arrow breaks the heart then we fall in love.
As evidence, Paris did with Helen. Eros (love of body) is a discussion on lust or desire for sexual attraction. If you want a long-lasting relationship with a person; this is an Eros type relationship. Without breaking heart you can obtain love from another part.

2. Philia or Affection of Love

Philia or Affection of Love
What else? The Greeks defined Philia as the love between each other. Ploto had believed that physical relationship is not a part of love. Philia is such a love that can develop a feel to like each other.
This can be love between friends and family members. The reason why, Ploto had explained, “Philia is a dispassionate virtuous love.”

3. Agape or Love of Soul

Agape or Love of Soul
Moreover, Agape is such a word that extends beyond emotions. It is not only a feeling or sentiment but it beyond them. Agape is an active love that demonstrates love with action.
This is a profound affection that a lasting, self-sacrificing with supreme affection. Therefore, Agape is a mystery of mysteries through which you will get truth surrounding human if you just try it.
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All our hopes are accompanied by love. So, hope does not mean to fail. It is such a passionate way where people put believe in it and expect a possible outcome. It does delight in moral highlighting heart and life.
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