Selfie-Shoot? 8 Tips and Tricks 4 Selfie

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Selfie-Shoot? 8 Tips and Tricks 4 Selfie


Selfie-Shoot is a self-portrait photograph that represents self-portal. It is typically taken by smart Phone, I Phone or Web-cam. Using mobile we see many active users. Around 800 million users are taking the selfie every year.
A selfie is an impression of clicker him/herself. A good selfie always optimizes and highlight your best impression. There are opportunities to put a selfie on your profile, Facebook page or else social media.
Thus, you can send a cue to others who you are and what you stand for. The selfie provides a picture you desire. It’s true with perfect reality. It also can use both for flattery or with authorities.

Why does Selfie become popular?

Why does Selfie become po
While you feel that your look should be photogenic, do not have confidence in a photographer. Go for a selfie. This is only the way people could control the image projected.
The fact is that it displays marked the impression and state of the person represented. As the selfie photograph is likely vanity, visual flattering and casual in mater. Thus it becomes popular day by day.

How to shoot selfies?

ow to shoot selfies?


Selfie-shoot preparedness has been important. Clean well the lens areas with a soft cloth or soft tissues and check the surrounding areas whether those fit for shooting.


Before taking any shoot you have to determine where you need to send them. You may send your photos to Instagram, face-book twitter or any other social media. The shooting styles are a little bit different from one to another. 


Determine what kind of Selfie you want to shoot. If it a funny the camera and your facial position will be different. You may desire to send the pic to your love, showing fun face you cane express…_hey-I’m your sexy partner “. Yowl. Or you may be seriously determined to make this photo as a future reference—then it’s different.


Check out the reflective surface emphasis to shoot a picture that should be as unique as possible. You can see yourself in the mini mirror and dress a little bit the hair, clean your face with something to glittering mouth; so that you must look fresh.


Check out the background of the Selfie-shooting areas. This has been very important to represent your look. If something behind your photo that reflects from background that will jeopardize your total efforts.


Check out the sunlight or lighting availability. The picture position should be no darker or no more light. In a way, you can have a nice Selfie-shooting.


Hold your camera in such a way that each and every shoot will be photogenic. If Selfie is taken straight which sometimes looks odd. Selfie is taking from up that’s better. Downward shooting not good all in a certain.


Are you serious to shoot a unique photo? Stop your breath and focus on selfies. Taking Selfie is important than your breath. If it is then the photo placement will be different
Upon completion of selfie-shooting, you can then edit as per your requirement. You could do cropping, add color, you may do filter whatever you like.

What are the risk factors?

Expand your hand away from the neck ORS. Please avoid taking a selfie while you are on journey oncoming train, bus or any vehicle. Life safety is the first, as while you take a good shot you may forget your present circumstance.
The selfie is good but kill-fie we do not expect. People can die due to the oncoming train. Please be careful while you are going to harvest shark. Dead occurrence also very high in a water body.


Therefore, your life has been important, stay bless all in a certain. I expect every one’s life is safe. I would encourage selfies, but you should be careful about kill-fie.
Stay blessed.
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