Are You Afraid of Better Niche?

You can choose single or multiple niches for blogging


Firstly, I am not giving you an expert opinion that how you can find a good niche to generate huge traffic and passive income. I better suggest you to stop guessing rather start with anyone that you feel comfortable to write and can have details experiences on it. I should say, ‘all the niches are around you’. You can ask yourself which can be best for you at least to start on-line money-making. You can find the niche which can be big, nourish and love to you.

Top 10 niches you can choose

Indeed that presently you can find 10 best niches that have been successfully getting more traffics vis-à-vis passive income. They are:
  1. Make money on-line.
  2. Personal Finance
  3. Health and Fitness
  4. Diet and Nutrition
  5. Women’s LifeStyle
  6. Beauty and Fashion
  7. Personal Development
  8. Love and Hate
  9. Parenting
  10. Home Gardening

Is niche selection an easy process?

However, some niches are not easier to create audiences and make money with them and others. You should set a goal besides your hobby on a niche that you want to work 100 hours a year on. Please note that passion is not to make money; it’s popularity indeed. Choose a niche that should come from your inner feelings. This certainly will create wider access to audiences on-line and make money in the future.

Stupid people do blogging! Why?

There is a myth that ‘Stupid People do blogging’ which may hurt many bloggers. Yes! Certainly, it’s right. We see smart people choose to pay-check where a stupid person starts blogging. They used to wait until getting traffic and passive income. This may happen quickly or in the long term.


My word is that if you start blogging after a mindset and then do not wait for income. Keep writing on blogs. Please keep the following points inside your mind:

Work with any of the following niches:

1. Give preferences to your audience that they want.
2. Promote the blog to the right people
3. See all alternatives to build audiences.
4. Choose multiple revenue streams

Good Luck!


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