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Yoga and Fitness

How do you start Yoga

This is basically a health and relaxation practice


The word yoga is a discipline which comes from Sangkit root ‘Yuji’ in Hindi. It is a spiritual and frugal discipline. The yoga generally is known as shadhona. This shadhona is associated with numbers of mindsets. It is mainly body controlling strategy including breath control, simple meditation along with adopting body postures. Presently, many people have been involved with this practice in the present world. This is basically a health and relaxation practice. It’s an old method dated back from 2700 B.C. During this prolonged period it has been a popular and acceptable to many casts and generations. Thus many peoples believe yoga a spiritual and physical development of the human being.

How to start yoga

Regardless of your age or fitness level, the yoga is such a way that makes to feel good and healthy. You may be new for this, but to begin practice yoga it is not so hard. Maintaining simple hints you can easily start yoga and thus you will feel well on your way and practicing yoga a fun.

Your first yoga schedule

You can start yoga anytime and anywhere with a minimum requirement of accessories. Anyhow, starting yoga you to wear the loose dress that fits with your body and comfortable. Keep your mind open with determination. A non-slip yoga mat will be required for this. no sooner you start practicing, you will feel good getting its results.

What should be your first pose?

Being a newbie you need to start with the simple and basic course. Cat-Cow is like that. This pose is great to stretch your back and abdomen. A successful practice of yoga is to control your breath or pranayama.

How to do it?

Keeping a deep breath through your nose, filling out your belly. Take a sit on the floor and feel relaxed. Be sited with easy pose and legs should close and your back and neck need t straight so far. Try to concentrate on breathing and feel that your body is balanced and controlled. Beginning yoga may sound easy but keeping breath and back muscle control has been essential. Afterward, feel relax and stand up straight and stretch your arms up slowly. It should go above to your head. Keep your breath in. then exhale to ground so far you can. This way you can go as far as you can without training. You may feel that a daunting task. Once you begin that it will make you feel better to practice

Try with this pose and keep your spine and abdomen strong

Start Cat-Cow Pose

  • Begin on your hands and knees. keep align your wrists underneath your shoulders and try to bring knees with your hips.
  • Hold your spine horizontal which is called a neutral spine.
  • Hold your neck and spine in the same line. Be careful; do not lift it up and drop it down rather send sometimes in that position.
  • Because of inhaling, drop your belly on the floor and look upon it. Then twist your toes under if it helps you reach the stretch.
  • While you exhale, pull up your body and start rounding back both sides. Then your head will drop down towards the navel. After that tops of your feet to lay flat next to the floor. 
  • Base on your body stamina, you can continue inhaling and exhaling that will bring benefit for your spine and abdomen.
This pose helps improve your breathing stamina

Downward Dog-Facing Pose

Downward Dog-Facing Pose is a pose which is also simple indeed. They are:

  • Like the cat-cow pose, keep your wrists under shoulder and knees under your hips.
  • During inhaling, put your hips toward the ceiling and keep your legs straight and place the feet flat on the ground.
  • When your legs are straight, spread your fingers out and let your head hang between your shoulders.
  • Since you are in position, keep continuing working on your breath.

The above two are the best if you can try with this. However, would be nice if you see DVD tutorials beside my descriptions.


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