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How to Read Your Boy Friend

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Are you fine with your boyfriend? Did you read him carefully? How long you’re having this relationship? Can you try with the following tips?

See how he moves his pupils

The pupils are mover; they are actually the absence area of iris. It defines how much light is let into an eye. Indeed that both pupils are moving equally and control mainly lighting. In the case of more light, it goes small and in dark the size of the pupil becomes larger. When it opens it is called dilate and while close it is called constrict. It is very interesting that while in a romantic mode or in excitement the eyes and love are connected to each other. In the dark environment, it allows our pupils to dilate which is truly a subconscious signal as well as a simulation. Therefore a study says that our pupils dilate wider than normal during romance.

 See his front teeth are visible when he smiles.

Smile is the most effective memory to recall a human.

According to research, it has been defined that while man smiles it is not just a smile. Around 48% of people believe that a smile is the most effective memory to recall a human. Obviously, girls are looking for a man who can attract her through smiling. And the man who stands beside girl out of intuitively he shows his front teeth. Love influences the body in measurable ways. Thus pulses race, knees become weak, also head starts reeling. It is good to notice how far your teeth can take you or how it can hold you back. The experts are recommending straight teeth are awesome getting good results from a job interview or any date.

Look he wants to touch your knees and your nick under hairs.

The body language is more than a spoken language to everyone.

Look he wants to touch your knees or putting a hand behind your nick under hairs. Ultimately an action becomes bigger than a wording. Thus a unique relationship is inbuilt. The body language is more than a spoken language to everyone. Understanding body language and signal are sometimes difficult to read. When a guy putting a hand on your knees, here’s what he wants to say. If you are quite then he will touch your nick behind hair and feel your love and happiness.D

He tends to lick the lips to attract you

Lick the lips a body language tick or action

He tends to lick the lips to attract you. It’s a body language tick or action. It’s a kind of gentle pressure to make partner convinced from an uncomfortable dialogue. Through this, the nervous system may fall the issue of lying but it does not mean that something lies with this. The lips are associated with various nerves with sensitivity. Male really likes the taste of licking lips is kind of instinctive action.

Look he talks to you without facing

He does not want to expose you anger

Look he talks to you without facing. If someone harbors feelings and does not want to expose anger, hate, love, lust, contempt or any disgust then he feels uneasy. As eyes are the windows of the soul. Once it discovered it may create misunderstanding. On the contrary, a person has full confidence upon you and from his soul he sees you then he speaks with confidence and does not talks lie. On the basis of these two analyses, you can find the beloved one.

See the changes his tone so far slower and sweeter

See the changes in his tone so far slower and sweeter. For effective communication tone of voice is one of the most influential elements. In every sound of your voice that gives meaning. It can be consciously or in unconscious ways. Some of these factors are timbre, volume, speed, clarity, projection, and else. The voice tine also conveys the type of relationship a person to have with some person. So, if they’re sweet, cold and sharp, he wants to establish a relationship and trying to get closer. Moreover, verbal and non-verbal words are meaning all our words.


To make decisions sometimes rights and sometimes it’s wrong. Sometimes we give advice but we’re not really known what will give us the best. We are one of those who are not sure at the end of the day. So, everything that is everything. But obtain and receive feedback were right or wrong but one thing can be accepted for developing a good lifestyle. Thus we can say only that we are human.


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