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If nobody; live alone!


Do you need someone special? The relation is a sense of identity with some special purpose. Feeling like that if any partner beside you this may create more peace in your life. Do you believe that this can remove the frustration of your loneliness? Being single you can feel alone. Also sometimes feel that an outsider who does not have any link with family. Hooking someone will be a bad decision if you do so. If you got married earlier then ask yourself why you are in this position. Somebody may push anybody could get married but you don’t. If this marriage is temporary there is no question.

How was Partner’s Role?

Is your partner takes part in your role? Out of feelings if you already developed a relationship then you have to understand what that is. Is that bringing peace to your mind? What will be your ultimate benefit? Also, the ending of a bad relation used to develop feelings as a failure. Thus some concern raises in the future where you will not be able to solve. If you meet someone, how long this relation exists. You may then come back asking you again, I could have been done this done better than this.

Is loneliness better?

The loneliness is better that loveless marriage. An affair is being always with you about financial, physical, apprehension or anxiety. This may also create unhappiness between family and children. Due to tension, constant bickering may make your life hell. Unless getting a reliable and affectionate someone better to stay alone.

Is there Special Something?

Choosing a real lover is a great deal so far. There is nothing special that brings specialty of happiness. Coincidently some interested person may pursue you to develop a relationship. For this, you should think that this may create a more bad condition for you. Sometimes, lover looks great for this you can spend money, give gifts, and try creating more attraction for you. Once you stop these then you will find a different face, conversely, there are many people who love nothing than the coach.

Why do you need Partner?

All special relationship that has to be permanent. Rather ask thyself why do you need a partner? Developing relation with some may longer well for sometimes but in long run, this will not sustain. What do you want from developing a relationship? Do you really feel the need for someone special? Define your condition and look back your last stories if any. To find a special one; you are the right person to search for a special one. Anybody may special one for somebody. Because of self-esteem, no one can find a special one in life.


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