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How to get an Intimate Partner

Develop a checklist of what is acceptable to your partner and what has been neglected.


At this moment while social media is so easy, anyone can connect someone he/she likes. Having ample opportunities to share the profile, chat, audio and else; whereas you may feel yourself alone. You might still desire a person who will come to you to develop a relationship with intimacy. I’m sorry, if you desire like those please stop thinking.

What would you do?

Ask thyself

So, what will you do? Is there any option? Is there any alternative to it? You might have a lot more questions besides me. I would suggest, ask thyself to how best you could change your behavior, attitude, ego and else. Please check yourself repeatedly and find out the causes why someone does not trust you and choose you to be a reliable partner for long. My questions may hurt you but I am sure you are going to be a successful partner soon of someone you desired.

Who will appropriate for you?

Who will appropriate for you?

Please be passionate; believe that no one is appropriate for you at this moment. Mark your calendar for the upcoming three months. Keep every day’s improvement records. I’m sure you will get positive results.

Can you do something?

You need to rectify your inside!

Be confident and think that you have to do a lot more work to rectify your inside. Develop a checklist of what is acceptable to your partner and what has been neglected. Therefore, you need to start a process which is called ‘Cognitive Therapy’ . This will bring you to a platform through which you will find incremental improvements. During this period you have to keep continue your social media, chatting, visualize as usual. Please narrow down your desire and check yourself while you are free from any livelihood hassle.

What benefit of this

If you develop a mirror inside you; this will be highly beneficial for you. Somebody may jealous of you.  I believe that you do not need to search intimate partner rather someone will wait for you to develop an intimate relationship with you.

A few tips may help you

  1. See your partner for who he/she is.
  2. Be willing to learn from each other.
  3. Get comfortable being alone.
  4. Analyze why a fight may take place.
  5. Look back, who you are.
  6. Start exercising the ordinariness.
  7. Then focus on LOVE.
  8. Let move for expectation.


The above are the possible ways to get an intimate partner. This will completely depend upon you. How do you plan to create loving affection in your relationship? Anyhow, stay well.


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