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In coming future there will be 33% diabetic patients in Canada


World Health Organization has identified that there are 10 major health threats where diabetic is the 7th top.  As the child Ahmed used to start a day with bullet sounds in Palestine; similarly, the  Indian child named Malini has the similar fear while her mother comes with insulin syringe. Being a tiny girl Malini has got a permanent fear of needle. This is because the needle inserts inside skin and starts bleeding. The disease diabetic is such a threat where death rate is being increasing day by day.

What is the fact?

Protein Causes Uncontrolled Situation

Many peoples are not aware about diabetes. Mostly are reluctant to go doctor or to obtain pathology test. Thus within 3 two are known about his/her health status. If this continues;there will be 33% diabetic patients in Canada. Therefore, we have to count a diabetic patient every within 21 second in the world. The reasons are very simple but somehow we don’t care about it. We can easily control our life style, bad food habits. Also cab do physical works. In case of ecological and family trends individually we do not have control indeed.

Who are most vulnerable?

The ethnic minorities are the most vulnerable
  • Diabetes is a serious health problem that dis-proportionally affects minority populations.
  • If the current trend continues, one in three children born in the United States after 2000 will develop diabetes.
  • The ethnic minorities, including blacks and Latinos, one in two children will develop diabetes.

How to prevent it?

Eat high fiber diet
  • Reduce sugar and refined carbs (ketogenic) for your diet.
  • Improve more the physical exercise
  • Drink water as primary beverage.
  • Must lose weight if you are overweight or obese.
  • Avoid smocking as immediate as possible.
  • Eat high fiber diet
  • Always be careful and optimize Vitamin-D level.
  • Drink coffee, tea; preferably Green Tea.


As we feel wider awareness against war, similarly, we have to prevent fear of Malini like a child due to diabetes. Let’s play a vital role that start from own family member. Onward go to aware neighbors.

Expecting nice life for everyone indeed.


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