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Love and Hate


In many fictional works as well as in testimonies, some people find themselves hating the person they love. Why do people love and why neglect the same person he/she loves? It is bit difficult to make an understanding on logical consistency. The  psychological compatibility is also difficult.  Hating the one you love may be a constant experience. The human psychology a major consequence for this.

Why does human love?

Being human, love and hate are having basic affects. These two are most important affects  likely a long standing interest of psychology. It has been proved that traditional psychology theories have mainly focused on love, especially on romantic love. This also includes triangular theory of love. They are action, attitude and experience. Indeed that love is a multi-faced phenomenon. Love and hate are often described to be diametrically reversed. The love is always broader in scope than is hate. Anyhow, a romantic love is perceived to be both good and attractive.

Why does human Hate?

While a person wants to release all these problems somehow. So, start blaming someone and try to funnel out his dissatisfactions. Hating someone is an easy task so, it fills their needs and belonging. When a person is fully insecure then he/she wants to inter into a group. Holding popularity he/she starts expressing negative areas of positing. Anyhow expressing hate/dislike to other people is a controversial.

What are the Difficulties?

A difficulty arises while feeling disgusted and loves toward the beloved; also the difficulty to coping present situation and bring back the emotion. On the other hand, occurrence of blended thoughts is not actually puzzling, hating beloved one but it happened. Thus both are psychologically affected.

Dilemma between Love and Hate

It is more difficult to explain about love and hate; here we need to understand how two divergent attitude a human could demonstrate. A woman could say that she dearly loves her partner and at the same time she expresses dissatisfaction because of his dishonesty. This divergent attitude explains both positive and negative emotions.

What to do?

Therefore, in hate we used to see our negative attitude shared by others which is natural. We also want to share our negative ego state keeping all the positive parts aloof.  When we are happy, with positive emotion, being attentive to other people. These are fine but we should always guard the source of our happiness to secure lifestyle.


In a nutshell, everyone should respect each other with full of love, thrust and confident. Everyone should feel in a way where love is greater than all.

Eklim Chowdhury

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