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How to Control Bodyweight? Introduction: The human body is skilled enough to absorb any kinds of foods that we intake. No sooner taking any food, the nutrient particles start breaking to use by the body. The chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life How does it happen? A life-sustaining …

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How do you start Yoga

The word yoga is a discipline which comes from Sangkit root ‘Yuji’ in Hindi. It is a spiritual and frugal discipline. The yoga generally is known as shadhona. This shadhona is associated with numbers of mindsets. It is mainly body controlling strategy including breath control, simple meditation along with adopting body postures.

A Healthy Lifestyle

Introduction According to a recent study, a few adults actually met the Healthy Lifestyle. This is because they are maintaining the following four basic criteria: 1. Healthy eating2. Physical activities (checkup: Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol)3. Body Weight measurement4. Stress Management. Why and how to maintain a Healthy Lifestyle? The study says, around 31% of …

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